This is a non-technical, entry level expedition being planned by world class climbers who believe your Kilimanjaro trek should be about a great experience. We have organized expeditions to the world’s highest peaks on seven continents with great success. Our expeditions are individually tailored to the team dynamic and emphasize safety.

Kilimanjaro craterMt. Kilimanjaro requires no technical climbing experience. It is commonly referred to as a “trekking peak” in the climbing community. Although no prior climbing experience is required and Kilimanjaro has a high number of summiteers each year, those with good cardiovascular fitness typically have the highest rate of success. The climbing routes are moderate, low-angle trails with no permanent snow fields. Depending on route selection, distance is estimated at 42-48 miles over eight to ten day treks.  The most significant objective hazard is altitude. Each member should have a basic familiarity with their fitness, tolerance to altitude, and acclimatization.  We encourage members to review daily route itineraries with an emphasis on daily altitude advances. We regularly consult with climbers on their goals, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  We’re so excited about our Kilimanjaro treks, we built an entire website around them.

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