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Intermediate and advanced-level climbers are invited to join us on an expedition customized to your personal goals, experience and schedule. S2 promotes knowledge and enjoyment of the mountains in the tradition of safe, responsible mountaineering. We respect that your confidence and trust is earned through thoughtful, accountable leadership. Whether your personal goal is Everest, Kilimanjaro or a first ascent in a distant and isolated range, we’re committed to your success every step of the way.

Experience and Accountability MattersWe’ve organized and led expeditions all over the world, including the Seven Summits, with great success. You’ll be with the very best, and we’re committed to your safety and success all the way to the summit and back. The diverse skills and leadership experience S2 staff bring to the planning and execution of an expedition are unique, resulting in remarkable efficiency and execution in isolated locations where external support is unavailable. We've scored first ascents in places like Antarctica, Mongolia and Peru. We don’t take any mountain lightly, and we approach our profession with a humble respect for the alpine landscape. Our success is a result of careful planning and preparation at the individual level, beginning months in advance of departure. We are available to our team members on an individual basis to assist in their personal preparation and planning We have a high success rate because of the commitment and discipline we demonstrate to our members and the mountains.

State of the Art Planning: Our comprehensive operational platforms for climbing, communication, security, logistics and emergency evacuation means your trip is thoughtfully planned for your safety and success. Our leadership and organizational behavior is premised on a rare and powerful combination of mountaineering, military and private industry experience.

Your Health and Security is Paramount:  S2 is regularly updated on local and international security and health threats to ensure our members are traveling with confidence. Prior to departure, S2 staff conduct an independent evaluation of security reports from both local and international government agency sources. We share this information with our members and discuss any concerns as a part of our overall risk assessment. We also provide in-country security and health briefings to our members upon arrival to promote safety and situational awareness. 

Contact us to plan a personal expedition that exceeds your expectations.  

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