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The Beginning of S2Mountaineering: Inspired by the mountains and friends he shared them with, Jeff Reynolds founded S2Mountaineering in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1998. Jeff began his rock climbing career in Canada at age 14, and began instructing at 16. His passion for climbing quickly evolved into ice climbing and high alpine mountaineering. In over 40 years of climbing, Jeff has successfully organized and led hundreds of trekking and mountaineering expeditions on every continent. He has climbed the world’s highest and most isolated peaks, including the Seven Summits, free solo ascents on mixed-routes in Patagonia, new routes in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, the Altai Range of Mongolia and the Sentinel Range of Antarctica. A deep connection with the environment inspires his continuing advocacy to preserve and reduce human pressure on our precious mountain landscape.

Jeff served as both an enlisted U.S. Army soldier and Air Force officer. He is a practicing environmental law and natural resource attorney. The diverse  experience Jeff brings to the execution of an expedition is unique, resulting in a remarkable degree of success on expeditions to those hidden corners of the world that bring the greatest fulfillment to life. 

Accountability MattersS2 is a network of world class mountaineers bringing skills, experience and passion to members of the entry-level and advanced climbing community. We’ve organized and led expeditions all over the world, including the Seven Summits, with great success. You’ll be with the very best, and we’re committed to your safety and success all the way to the summit and back. To that end, S2 is redefining traditional guiding standards to achieve your confidence and prepare you for the summit well in advance of your departure.

We don’t take any mountain lightly, and we approach our profession with a humble respect for the alpine landscape. Our success is a result of careful planning and preparation at the individual level, beginning months in advance of departure. We are available to our team members on an individual basis to assist in their personal preparation and planning – we want you to summit! We have a high success rate because of the commitment we make to our members.

State of the Art Planning: Our comprehensive operational platforms for climbing, communication, security, logistics and emergency evacuation means your trip is thoughtfully planned for your safety and success. Our leadership and organizational behavior is premised on a rare and powerful combination of mountaineering, military and private industry experience.

Your Health and Security is Paramount:  S2 is regularly updated on local and international security and health threats to ensure our members are traveling with confidence. Prior to departure, S2 staff conduct an independent evaluation of security reports from both local and international government agency sources. We share this information with our members and discuss any concerns as a part of our overall risk assessment. We also provide in-country security and health briefings to our members upon arrival to promote safety and situational awareness. We are pleased to report that we have had no significant security threats during the entire tenure of our operations. Further, we have carefully planned and avoided all significant health threats potentially affecting our climbers. 

Fairness and Responsibility: S2 is committed to fairness, equity and opportunity for our network of associates and staff. Our business model incorporates compensation that exceeds industry standards. S2 is also partnered with local non-profit organizations dedicated to expanding the availability of primary school education to children in Nepal and Tanzania. 

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Every detail was thought of and covered, allowing us to get the most out of an amazing Kili experience.  A once in a lifetime opportunity that was maximized by the great planning and professionalism of our lead guide. Safety was paramount without taking away from the adventure - I highly recommend S2

C. Armentrout / Washington, D.C

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